Back Round Again: The Return Of Large Round Glasses

Using a lot of new materials and production methods invented from the mid-20th century, a barrage of recent frame styles soon followed suit and large round frames found they’d slipped off the stylistic radar. This wasn’t eliminate the queue for round frames though. Not again! Whether it would have been a nod to the intellectual heroes that had worn them decades before, or the fact they could possibly be grabbed dirt-cheap second-hand, the hippy movement in the 60s adopted the fashion as the unofficial frames with their peace loving movement. Now manifesting as sunglasses and opticals, big round glasses had doubly secured their place in pop culture history, being written to the stylistic history books included in, not merely one, but two cultural revolutions.

oversized round  frame glasses - amycoz

And it’s the fact this classic style can continue to envision a photo of refined, studious authority that’s meant big round framed specs haven’t strayed much from your frame style peripheral. It’s why they’ve been selecting thinkers and visionaries alike. Most importantly, though, it’s why the frame style is on its way last a huge way almost one hundred years after its first foray to the frontlines of fashion.

Big Rounded lenses are probably the few true timeless classics; Some fashion history that could still pull weight today. As frames, they’re an exciting rounder. They appear top-notch smaller than average wirey, or massive and chunky. They could end a look having a stamp of intellectualism, or they could invoke a sense of care-free psychedelia. Whilst they are not always perfect for rounder faces, they do a good job of suiting most face shape.

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