A few facts regarding the Super Bowl

The brand new England Patriots, behind on the scoreboard a lot of the game, playing lethargically and never of their usual rhythmic style, overcame a big third quarter deficit to return and tie the game within the last minute at 28-28 forcing the initial overtime in Super Bowl history.

Tom Brady, seemingly out-of-sync for the majority of in the first the vast majority, showed why he is called the maximum quarterback in Football history–emphasized as soon as the game by none other than Terry Bradshaw. He is the one quarterback to win five Super Bowls, breaking the tie of 4 each with Terry Bradshaw of the Pittsburgh Steelers from the 1970s. He’s also won four Super Bowl MVP awards, most for almost any player.

Never had a crew keep coming back from greater than ten points down inside the greatest bet on them all. Northeastern entered the final quarter down 28-3, a deficit deemed impossible to get over, if you aren’t Tom Brady and the Northeastern Patriots–calm, confident, methodical.

Tom Brady was drafted in 2000 inside the sixth round, 199 overall, from Michigan. Robert K. Kraft, owner of the modern England Patriots, now says it does not take ideal thing the c’s has ever done. Guess so with five NFL Championships–Super Bowl wins–in the Coach Bill Belichick / Tom Brady era.

The Patriot’s capitalized on several Atlanta penalties and misplays scoring twenty-five unanswered points in the fourth quarter tying the overall game.

New England won the coin toss–heads–and made a decision to receive. One had to wonder, together with the momentum the Patriots had internal the ultimate minutes in the fourth quarter, if Atlanta would even touch the football in Overtime. They didn’t! Northeastern marched around the field 75 yards on eight plays, scoring on James White’s 2-yard touchdown run. Game over.

New England’s experience of such games since this proved excessive for the feisty Atlanta, who, for 3 quarters, gave Northeastern all they can handle, but in the ultimate analysis was lacking the knowledge to win it. The Patriots held the ball for 40 of One hour, ran over 90 offensive plays, and exhausted the Falcons defense concise how the 4th quarter was all New England–typical Coach Belichick.

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