Bmwilmar fashion photography Dubai

My name is Wilmar Baracaldo. I am a freelance professional photographer from Colombia but situated in Dubai currently. We have a substantial portfolio, planning to you could make your shots unforgettable, trendy and creative, which means your audience won’t manage to place their eyes away you or maybe your brand.

I focus on commercial photography, editorial photography and fashion photography. I’ve worked several magazines, models, brands, influencers, and content creators. I am also constantly improving my work information to provide my art using the newest techniques in photography and editing. The photography world keeps moving, and aesthetic ideas do, too; a photographer shouldn’t stay still.

If you’re considering my work, you can think about my previous photoshoots and the brands I caused on my small For extensive entry to my professional photography portfolio, visit my webpage You will also find one of the links to my YouTube channel along with other platforms.

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