Details It Is Advisable To Be Aware Of Beyond Slim’s Products

Beyond Slim’s flagship product is ZipSlim, a diet supplement.

According to Beyond Slim’s marketing, ZipSlim is meant to be studied 2 times a day before meals.

Beyond Slim claims combining ZipSlim with dieting can lead to customers losing ‘3x more weight as compared to dieting alone’.

If for some reason you’re not happy, you happen to be protected by our 90 day, 100% money-back guarantee (excluding shipping).

ZipSlim can be found in both caffeine and caffeine-free varieties.

If retail customers stay with autoship for 3 consecutive months, they purchase an additional 12% discount from month four onward.

Beyond Slim provides executive information on its website, however it’s hidden towards the bottom in the product and opportunity websites.

Beyond Slim is headed up by founder and CEO, Ray Faltinsky.

According to Faltinsky’s Beyond Slim corporate bio, he’s credited with having launched over 100 products around the globe and generated over $1 billion in total sales

Scientifically Proven Advantages of Zipslim: Fat loss, Decrease in Waist Size, Increased Muscle Strength, Stronger Defense mechanisms, More Energy, reduced Feelings of Stress, Happier Mood, Reducing stress, Improved Sexual Satisfaction, Better Sleep Quality, Reduction in Poisons, Anti-Aging, Enhanced Ability to Focus, Improved Memory.

Beyond Slim is a SOCIAL REFERRAL MARKETING COMPANY. It possesses a loyalty program for it’s customers and coaches which provides customers a reason to remain On his or her product each month. Simply put, for those who order monthly by having an auto payment called “Subscribe and Save” for the 4th consecutive month the Zipslim product, their flagship product, is reduced by $10 per bag. Which means the savings with 2 bags of Zipslim saves them $20. It’s a powerful way to say thank you to customers (and coaches) because of their loyalty.

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