1. Program

Drawn up from the feedback form on the site or on the phone. The manager specifies what sort of staircase you are searching for, its dimensions and experiencing components. Possible leaving of your measurer to the object.

2. Signing the contract

It explained each of the stages and terms of labor, there are actually sketches and strategies for that construction of the stairs.

All things considered work has been finished in full agreement with all the contractual requirements, the individual will pay the full expense. It ought to be observed that right after the signing of your contract at the same time of work, the cost is assured to never alter, regardless of the selling price dynamics. According to the project of each – only after planning they begin to lay the foundation and implement, to begin with, an individual drawing is drawn up.

3. Formwork

Professionals select the best kind of formwork for each order. It will have geometric styles that offer strength and quality. The monolithic structure, erected by experts, will guarantee the reliability and durability from the finished staircase.

4. Aluminum frame

We strengthen stairs with wire or stainlesss steel mesh. This may shield the dwelling from destruction when it is subjected to large tons.

5. Pouring definite

Our team employs good quality companies that are used for an extended assistance existence.

6. Shipping in the subject

After the cement has hard, we stock out further completing and give the item to the customer.


Concrete stairs have higher durability and reliability.

They are not afraid of the influence of additional factors, consequently they can be put in in and out of the area.

Created for high tons.

Stairs usually are not fearful of seismicactivity and humidity, temp declines.

We create ergonomic ladders which are comfy for both the older and youngsters.

Jogging up the stairs is not going to produce any additional seems, shake or squeak.

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