Absolutely free Air Source Heat Pump System

The GFSD Renewable Heat Campaign can be an exciting heating solution that allows households to create their very own clean heating and hot water with absolutely No System Cost, all for the low monthly standing handle of just ?20 a month, which we think sounds rather nice. The standing charge would be to cover the management costs of your system through the term. This revolutionary solution is brought to you by GFSD and it is designed to provide you with a clear renewable heat from the installation of an Air Source Heat Pump system and solar thermal*Repair and maintenance of it is covered by us, so that you can rest easy knowing that should anything make a mistake, we now have it covered under LG’s 7 year warranty. In a nutshell, we sign a legal contract with you to say that individuals can install and keep an aura Source Electric for 7 years along with return, you consent to pay us ?20.00 monthly for Many years which is fixed for the whole time period of the definition of. After the Many years has elapsed, our agreement ends along with any commitments relating to the parties. The system’s expected life is roughly 12-15 years so moves on for a long time after our agreement ends.

The GFSD really cares about the surroundings and humanity, and then we decided to give wouldn’t a cashback all the way to ?200 annually every December just before special occasions. Customers could have the choice to either donate a share on this cashback to aid families struggling with fuel poverty/homelessness and have the total amount used in their banking account. (Applies from year 2)

As the National Average Gas Bill is ?752 each year, we wanted to maintain the expense down low while protecting customers through the price hikes in the utility market. And then we came up with the GFSD Renewable Heat Campaign Ltd. With us you only pay ?240 each year, annually, fixed for Several years. Pretty simple really, isn’t it? With ?0 system price, the GFSD Renewable Heat Campaign will help to it can save you money, protect your household from the Increasing Fuel Costs from the UK Energy Market… as well as the Planet.

* Solar thermal installed on properties that meet the requirements. GFSD Renewable Heat Campaign Ltd will collect and receive all Government RHI benefits that accrue through the System. After 7 years our agreement is done the homeowner can continue experiencing and enjoying the cooking with your system with no ?20 monthly direct debit payment. Please note, following the 7-year agreement has elapsed all cashback payments, system warranty and all sorts of GFSD benefits will end. The December cashback payment will be different based on the property and can cover anything from ?50-200. Please be aware that with an air source heat pump, electricity must power the device and you will be reflected on your power bill although GFSD Renewable Heat Campaign Ltd has done everything simple to offset this increase by giving customers the discounted electricity tariff.

For more info about solar thermal system visit this useful web site.

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